The KetKot Metaverse Gamification

What is KetKot Metaverse Gamification?

KetKot isn't just a short video sharing and NFT marketplace soon but a gamification project that utilize the style of a gaming like feature.

1. A Level-Up Monetization

a) Level Up Program

First base is the leveling of users to unlock features instead of just paying things they can just do the Fun2Earn style first in ketkot.

KetKot believed that Effort pays the fun as the app users accumulate fans, likes, video views and more for leveling grind.

b) Status Elementary

Users can also set their own status element in fire, water, wind, etc that will be useful in PK.

1. PK in Livestream System

a) Winner Takes All

The idea is to let the winners takes all of the gift sent by live stream viewers. This will increase the fun inside the app for every PK lovers.

b) Raid Streamers

Anyone can raid a streamer for fun winning the gift coins pot as prizes. This is just the start and lots more to be implemented on the Livestreaming feature.

2. NFT Community

a) Rare NFT Collectibles

Minting NFT rare collectible is fun when auctioned in any NFT marketplace but some lacks the platform to build a community.

b) NFT Items

KetKot is already a community of content creators and fun goers for it to start the fun as users can even gift them directly from the KetKot dedicated NFT Marketplace.

3. Clash of Groups

a) Guild Group Star

Everyone wants adventure in any Gamified platform. KetKot offers Group Chat in every Guild Groups to every users to form their own clash of clan thingy.

b) Guild Ranking

This will be the star decisive marker of each group making their way up ahead the others in a competitive manner.

More Fun2Earn KetKot Metaverse Gamification to be Implemented.




It's More Fun In The Metaverse

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It's More Fun In The Metaverse

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